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Chiropractor – Johnstown’s Pain Specialist

Here are some reasons patients choose us for pain relief:

  • Preferred Chiropractor for bordering residents of Milliken, Campion, Gilcrest & more

  • Urgent Consultation for Emergency Pain Situations

  • Gentle and Effective Treatments For Body Pain

  • Affordable Health Care for Pain Relief Without Surgery

  • Children & Babies Welcome – Kid-Friendly Chiropractor

Tired of being in pain all the time? Had enough of simply making it through the day, rather than enjoying it, because your nagging aches mean that all you can think about is getting back to bed? Frustrated because the only solutions you are being offered to help combat your health problems seem to involve increasing amounts of pain medications or invasive surgical procedures? Then a visit with an expert Johnstown chiropractor may be just what you need.

Dr. Zack Nigus, a local resident and impressively credentialed chiropractor in Johnstown, CO, dedicates his professional time and effort to helping patients in Johnstown, CO work towards their best health possible. With the assistance of his experienced, friendly and caring team Dr. Nigus treats patients suffering from all of the following complaints and more.

What many people do not realize about working with a chiropractor in Johnstown, CO is that each patient’s care and treatment plans are unique. Chiropractic is a medical discipline that focuses on finding real solutions to health problems, not just finding ways to mask symptoms and provide temporary relief.

Doing so often calls for a number of different treatments and techniques to be combined to achieve the best possible results. Chiropractic Adjustments, Acupuncture, Spinal Decompression and Nutritional Counseling are all treatments offered at Johnstown Chiropractic and Acupuncture, that, along with other general health and wellness education and advice, is helping people of all ages achieve the health goals they have been hoping to for so long.

Dr Nigus, Chiropractor Johnstown, CO

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“A Healthy Body Can Help You Stay In Motion”

Holistic Healthcare Keeps You Healthy

About us

Dr. Zack Nigus - Johnstown, CO
Doctor’s Name: Zackary A. Nigus, DC
Graduated from: Overland Park, KS 1998
Cleveland Chiropractic College, 2003
Licensed by: Colorado

  • Awards: Outstanding support of the “Toys for Tots” program
  • Certificates: Fellowship of the Acupuncture Society of America (FASA)
  • Client Focus:
    Johnstown Chiropractic and Acupuncture is very experienced in working with all kinds of people from the elderly to adults, teens, children, infants and even those with sports injuries.Simply put, chiropractic care though often overlooked, can not only offer relief from minor aches and pains, it can also contribute toward improving your overall health.
    Chiropractic as well as Acupuncture, are both holistic approaches to health care. These focus not just on localized symptoms, but considers the whole-body approach to healing. A problem in one part of the body may affect other areas of the body in ways that may not be appreciated when the healer is focusing only on local symptoms.
    Dr. Zackary A. Nigus embraces the holistic philosophy toward healing and so will employ a comprehensive approach toward diagnosing, treating, and healing your illness or injury.

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